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This site contains all you need to know about anything map related. Full of fun facts about maps, their history, how to read them and where to go to use them, we cover it all. Fun and informative, this site will literally show people the way to more excitement and enjoyment in the world.

A map is simply a representation of a specific part of the land or indeed the sea and is done in a drawing form. It usually contains the physical features that can be seen with the eye when walking in this specific landscape and are therefore reference points or landmarks. Features can include cities, roads, rivers and mountains just to name a few. Maps come in different forms, the main six of which are: Physical, topographical, road, climate, political and lastly, economical maps. Each has different functions but all are highly useful tools for learning about that particular landscape.

The Sport of Orienteering

Orienteering is simply the ability to read maps and be able to navigate using the map to find paths to a specific destination. In recent years it has now become a sport where participants, usually groups are placed in an unfamiliar surrounding and given a topographical map. They then must use this map to arrive at the designated destination point. The map is usually highly detailed and the orienteers are given a compass in addition to the map to use to find their destination. It doesn’t have to be done in a competitive manner however, and orienteering can simply be enjoyed in order to have a gentle walk.

Take A Hike

Being able to read a map can open up whole new worlds. Hiking in particular. There are many marked trails around the UK for example but it is still easy to get lost. The ability to read a map can prevent this eventuality from happening. The UK may be small but the options for hikes are almost endless. From the impressive peaks of Wales’ Snowdonia, to the downs of the Wessex Ridgeway and the rugged seascape of Lizard Peninsula, the United Kingdom has it all suiting all needs, abilities and types of walkers. The perfect place is there somewhere.