Best Map Apps of All TIme

There was a time when one relies on road signs, physical maps and by-standers to navigate their way towards their destination. Although it was a fun approach towards finding the destination, it can be time-consuming and tiring as well. Today, travel is made easier, and moving from Point A to B has been made convenient, thanks to the best GPS and navigational apps. Here are the best maps of all time that’s just waiting to be downloaded, and used the next time you hit the road.

Google Maps

Best Map Apps of All TImeDesigned by Google, this app map is on top of the charts for the right reasons. Google Maps is known for its accurate maps suited for driving, leisure walking, public transit and just exploring the city. When used for traveling. Google Maps provide turn-by-turn guidance, in a great voice. Users will also find the lane guidance a great addition to the app. Google Maps is a top choice among drivers and travelers, thanks to its power features. Aside from turn-by-turn guidance and lane guidance, drivers can also count on real-time updates and navigation, estimated time of arrival and real-time traffic information and conditions. is offered as an offline map with navigation and directions which can work for casual travelers and tourists. This currently works for iOS and Android devices, and works as a free-to-download offline map, offering almost the same services and features found on Google Maps. This works online, allowing users to explore geographical features, even without an internet connection.


Although Waze is part of the Google brand, this app has a separate identity. It offers an app that’s free to use, and can help drivers navigate the road through constant delivery of traffic information. When it was updated recently, the company added Amber, faster search and the ‘Time in Traffic’ feature’. This app is highly recommended for city driving, especially in areas known for too much traffic.

Scout GPS

Scout GPS is another solid choice in a highly competitive GPS market. Packed with details and features at no cost (although its Scout Plus comes at $24.99 a year), this app gives users access to offline maps. Aside from offline maps, drivers can also count on traffic camera, incident alerts and speed trap. Thanks to its solid feature, this app is a great alternative to paid and premium map apps available for your devices.


This is another free GPS navigation application, and comes complete with postcodes. Using this app offline is possible since the postcodes and free maps are installed on the SD card or directly on the device. Also, the free maps feature of MapFactor is updated on a monthly basis, free of charge.

These are just some of the top GPS and navigational apps for your devices. Designed with driver-friendly features like real-time traffic alerts and turn-by-turn guidance, travel and exploration becomes easier with these apps.